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Contact Us About New Technology Reports

Contractors: Point(s) of Contact at the NASA Center at which the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) for your contract is located.

Government Employees: Point(s) of Contact at your center.

NASA Center

Point of Contact

Phone Number


Ames Research Center Kelly Garcia (650) 604-3273 kelly.l.garcia@nasa.gov
Armstrong Flight Research Center Earl Adams (661) 276-5307 earl.s.adams@nasa.gov
Samantha Hull (661) 276-3368 samantha.m.hull@nasa.gov
Glenn Research Center Kathy Kerrigan (216) 433-5625 grc-ntsr@lists.nasa.gov
Carole Bruck (216) 433-8446 grc-ntsr@lists.nasa.gov
Goddard Space Flight Center Scott Leonardi (301) 286-4698 robert.s.leonardi@nasa.gov
NASA HQ Carole Bruck (216) 433-8446 hq-ntsr@lists.nasa.gov
Kathy Kerrigan (216) 433-5625 hq-ntsr@lists.nasa.gov
Jet Propulsion Lab Debbie Wolfenbarger (818) 354-3829 debora.l.wolfenbarger@jpl.nasa.gov
Robert Jones (818) 354-4862 robert.a.jones@nasa.gov
Johnson Space Center Connie Sartor (281) 483-3639 connie.j.sartor@nasa.gov
Kathy Acuna (281) 483-2066 kathryn.y.acuna@nasa.gov
Kennedy Space Center Megan Victor (321) 867-9724 megan.e.victor@nasa.gov
Langley Research Center Sevet Bassett (757) 864-5578 sevet.r.bassett@nasa.gov
Marshall Space Flight Center Carolyn McMillan (256) 544-9151 carolyn.e.mcmillan@nasa.gov
Stennis Space Center John Wolverton (228) 688-2704 john.d.wolverton@nasa.gov
Lauren Underwood (228) 688-2096 lauren.w.underwood@nasa.gov

NASA New Technology Representatives (.docx)